About HashLand Electricity

HashLand Electricity

After the mining machines were relocated to North America, we expanded the original mine to a larger scale.The electricity cost is 0.048 BUSD/KW, after which it will continue to be repurchased at 0.072 BUSD/KW for one year.Users can sign a purchase agreement with Hashland when purchasing electricity.During this time, users can receive the principal and $HC income every day, and the remaining electricity income will be used for $HC repurchase and market operations.The Hashland mining farm has signed a cooperation agreement with Bitmain. The mining farm is in normal operation. Users can check the operation status and qualifications of the mining farm at any time.

HashLand Mining Farm

At present, the Hashland mining machine has been completely relocated to a legal mining farm in North America, and the electricity produced by the mining farm is used to provide the operation of the BTC mining machine.The 24-hour monitoring screen of the mining farm will be synchronized to the official website, and users can monitor it in real time.In addition, Hashland will use the fund from the sale of electricity to continuously expand the mining farm, which is expected to triple in size within a year.