The development of digital economy has endangered people’s ownership rights. People have only obtained the license to use the virtual items that they purchased from the Internet, but they haven’t gain any ownership over those items. While some Intellectual properties has been already commercialized through NFT(Non-Fungiable Token) technology, its price often deviates significantly from its actual value. HashLand makes use of the NFT technology to combine real-world hash rate assets and Intellectual Properties, and minted in to a Synthetic NFT (S-NFT) asset with multiple values. Every HashLand forged S-NFT will be collateralized by standardized Bitcoin hash power.
S-NFT holders can use their S-NFT to participate in HashLand GameFi and still gains from the passive hash rate output. HashLand offers diversified Defi infrastructures: Auction Contract, Exchange Contract, Lending Contract are being employed to maximize the liquidity of the Synthetic NFT.