HashLand Introduction

HashLand is the first decentralized synthetic assets platform that unites Intellectual Property and hash rate Assets. Bridging NFTs and hash rate assets, HashLand are able to reshape the hash rate market in the form of Synthetic NFT, thereby laying the foundational value for the S-NFT. Through the Minting Contract, Purchase Contract, and Mining Contract, HashLand are able to provide a useful toolbox for hash rate providers and Intellectual Property providers alike.
The liquidity of S-NFT are guaranteed by the decentralized infrastructures such as the SWAP, POOL, CREDIT, and AUCTION. Every HashLand Synthetic NFT will exist permanently on the chain, with infinite expandability. All S-NFT data can be accessed by any third party, allowing community developers to build their own contracts above them.
HashLand has issued the HC token for the purpose of promoting development. HC tokens are rewarded to users who makes interactions or contribute to the Hashland development.